A world where no child suffers or dies from wasting 

We are championing the acceleration of a child survival revolution. In partnership with governments, community groups, companies, NGOs, UN agencies, research and academic institutions, and donors, we are working towards a world where no child suffers from wasting.

We will not stand by and accept an unjust reality that will stall global progress toward health and prosperity for all.

Our goal: Reduce and maintain wasting to less than 5% by 2025

Our 2020 Outcomes

Double the proportion of children who are treated for wasting from 17% to 35%

 Make prevention and treatment of wasting an urgent development priority

Mobilise US$150 million, in additional funding per year, for treatment of wasting

Drive innovation for treatment of wasting to support country-led scale up

Ending preventable deaths due to wasting is not just possible, it is achievable

Scaling up efforts to combat all forms of malnutrition will save millions of child lives a year and give millions more the opportunities they need to grow, thrive and succeed. Deliberate and undeterred action against wasting is central to child health and survival, educational achievement, economic development and prosperity for all.

We need to act together.

No Wasted Lives amplifies evidence and existing efforts, inspires policy, programme and investment commitments, mobilises new partnerships, and drives an unprecedented global movement to achieve the end of acute malnutrition.

We can’t do this alone. Join us.