No Wasted Lives supports a portfolio of operational research to build the evidence around ways to improve the quality, coverage, and cost-effectiveness of programmes for acute malnutrition across the world. These include:

Simplified protocols for the treatment of acute malnutrition

  • ComPAS: Testing combined protocols for the treatment of MAM/SAM, South Sudan and Kenya. Read more.

  • ComPAS Follow up: Long-term risk and benefits for children treated for moderate acute malnutrition with ready-to-use therapeutic food, Kenya. Read more.

  • Hi-MAM Study: Treatment of High-Risk Moderate Acute Malnutrition using expanded admission criteria, Sierra Leone. Read more.

  • MANGO: Testing reduced dosage for treatment, Burkina Faso. Read more.

  • OPTIMA DRC: OPTImising acute malnutrition treatment in children 6 to 59 months. A community-based randomised nutrition trial of a simplified treatment protocol, DRC. Read more.

Models for detection and treatment in the community

  • C-Project Mali: Testing the integration of SAM treatment into the iCCM package, Mali. Read more.

  • C-Project Pakistan: Testing the integration of SAM treatment into the iCCM package, Pakistan. Read more.

  • CeaSurge: IMAM Surge Approach and Family MUAC: improving early detection, referral and prevention of malnutrition in the community, Kenya. Read more.

Innovative approaches to diagnosis of acute malnutrition

Understanding treatment success and non-respondance

For more information about research projects related to acute malnutrition from organisations around the world visit the Ongoing Research interactive map on