“I stand for no wasted lives”

Join us in calling on the global community to make wasting a development priority.

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Voices from around the world are saying no more

“It is time to go hand in hand together and bring joint efforts to tackle No wasted lives and fight malnutrition. Empower women and they can make a significant difference.” Tamiru Kassa, Ethiopia

“Being a privileged member of the global community, it's my humanitarian responsibility to play a part on making wasting a development priority.” Sujana Silwal, Nepal

“Globally in every part, we can stop wasting, when we all together say no more wasting” Ratan Kumar, Pakistan

“All life is precious. There is no life more important than others. All lives are equal. We don't all have the same chance, but the lucky ones can share their chance with those who have less.” Amadou Baba Ndiaye, Senegal

“Enough is Enough. No child or woman will die of hunger in my lifetime.” Lily Rose Mlisa, South Africa

“Because 50.5 million children on this planet suffer from malnutrition - this should be a thing of the past, not of 2019!” Corina Campian, United Kingdom