Welcome to the first update of 2019 for the No Wasted Lives Coalition. We remain steadfast in our support of the Sustainable Development Goals to end wasting and all forms of malnutrition, end preventable child deaths and ensure health, progress and opportunities for all children.

More than 50 million children are affected by wasting, putting their  lives and ability to thrive at severe risk. In 2019, we reaffirm the global promise made to the world's children, and call to escalate wasting prevention, treatment, and funding efforts that have fallen short for far too long. 

A range of actors around the world, including the founding institutions of No Wasted Lives, have been leading the tremendous efforts to tackle wasting worldwide. So what does No Wasted Lives bring forward that is unique and needed? This is important to understand, especially as we engage new sectors, institutions and colleagues to achieve our global wasting targets. 

We believe that a world where no child suffers or dies from wasting is possible. The No Wasted Lives coalition recognises that we can and must do more to achieve this, and we must do it together.  

As such, No Wasted Lives brings the power of a coordinated and collective vision and voice, backed by evidence, to catalyse action for children suffering from wasting.  We are an inclusive movement that provides concrete clarity and reassurance to national governments, donors, and implementing agencies that we CAN tackle wasting in our lifetime, and insights into how.  

In 2019, we are:

  • Working with global leaders and national governments to invest in and make the prevention and treatment of wasting a policy priority;

  • Mobilising resources and funding to scale up wasting treatment action; 

  • Amplifying new and emerging evidence on wasting prevention, treatment options and approaches for greater and more cost-effective impact at scale; 

  • Bringing forward a range of perspectives and expertise to support country and regional-level wasting priorities and needs. 

Today, we invite you to explore the work of No Wasted Lives, and read our two highlights below. The first highlight provides an update on the No Wasted Lives research front. The second features women scientists whose research can transform the wasting landscape - we celebrate them in honor of International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11):

We have much to achieve. We also know that together, we can realise a world where no child suffers or dies from wasting, and all forms of malnutrition are eliminated.

Thank you for your leadership and help in driving this important work forward. We look forward to hearing from and working with you in 2019.  After all, the clock is ticking and we have no time to waste.

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Nabeeha Kazi-Hutchins, No Wasted Lives, Executive Director

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Building the evidence for improving treatment

Discover studies in the No Wasted Lives research portfolio

Celebrating Women in Science

Hear from the female scientists whose research can enable the expansion and uptake of prevention and treatment services for wasting.

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