Update from the No Wasted Lives Steering Committee: Strategic Refresh and Foresight Into 2020

Update from the No Wasted Lives Steering Committee: Strategic Refresh and Foresight Into 2020

Since its founding in 2016, No Wasted Lives has worked towards a world where no child suffers from wasting by acting as an incubator for three distinct initiatives:

  • A Technical Accelerator: establishing the first ever technical panel of independent experts on acute malnutrition to drive the use of evidence for action, in order to ultimately reach more children with effective treatment and prevention programmes;

  • An Advocacy Agenda: making wasting a political and public health priority;

  • Regional Coordination: creating inter-agency regional hubs to coordinate programmatic action to prevent and treat wasting.

These efforts to drive catalytic and transformational change have paid off, providing a strong platform for future efforts. The global attention for wasting we see today is unprecedented. In the last three years, evidence generated through the ambitious research of the Coalition and our partners have brought forward new approaches to strengthen our global efforts to address wasting. Alongside the announcement of the UN Global Action Plan for Nutrition, further commitments from governments and funders, have resulted in and an increasing spotlight on this vital issue.

However, the challenge remains. Taking stock of the progress achieved in the past few years, the Coalition’s structure is changing to be more fit to address them. Progress can best be accelerated by building capacity and ownership of these three initiatives within No Wasted Lives Coalition member agencies with the strategic specialism to drive them forward, with support from other members with the expertise, funding, and commitment to do so. No Wasted Lives recognises the value of remaining connected at a global level. These efforts will be led by the Coalition’s Steering Committee (formerly the Executive Team), and supported by the Secretariat team, to coordinate support for the three initiatives where collective action can bring strategic added value.  

We look forward to a new chapter in our work to championing the acceleration of a child survival revolution. We will continue to collaborate with new coalitions and players in this space who share our vision.

The No Wasted Lives Steering Committee